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Bourbon Rankings

At the beginning of 2006, I made a resolution to become knowledgeable about a subject. That subject was eventually revealed to be bourbon.
I taste a bourbon straight first. Then I usually like to drink it with one mid-sized ice cube, or if ordering at a bar, a “couple rocks.” I like a nice solid piece of ice without cracks – something that will hold together throughout the drink. This may vary between brands, as some are better with more ice, some straight, and some with a little water.
I especially like bourbons that are not cut with water any time during the distilling/aging process. These are much stronger and have more character. Examples are all three of medal winners, as well as Bookers.

Just about all of these bourbons can be purchased for under $50, with most being in the $20-35 range. Only bourbons I have had by the bottle are rated.
Bourbons are split into the following sections, from best to worst, with a special awards section at the end:
Top Shelf
Middle Shelf
Do Not Drink

My three favorite bourbons – the best of the best


Bakers – 53%
Strong and colorful. Explosive. Warms you up. A rocky ride you enjoy.


Wild Turkey Rare Breed – 54%
Very strong with an additional depth of flavor that cancels out the harshness. Smooth and rich. A velvety explosion.


Old Rip Van Winkle 10 year – 53.5%
Masterfully crafted. Dark and brooding. You feel classy and wise just pouring it.

Top Shelf 
Superior bourbon of excellent quality and unique character – a treat

Bookers – 62%
The stickiest of the icky in alcohol terms. Badass. Packs a wallop but still very complicated and enjoyable.

Wild Turkey Russell’s Reserve – 45%
Very smooth. Not an overpowering taste, but as much flavor as you can handle. Extremely drinkable.

Wild Turkey Russell’s Reserve – 50% (no longer available)
Better than the 45%. Just as tasty, but with a welcome kick.

Woodford Reserve – 45.2%
Thick, velvety, very oaky. Full rich body. Great for manhattans.

Hudson Baby Bourbon – 46%
Incredibly complex, with a nice rich red hue. Earthen yet fiery. Expensive. Best drank alone in the dark before momentous occasions.

Old Forrester Birthday Bourbon, 2009 Edition – 48.5%
Sharp, with a great burst of flavor. Light in color but strong in taste. Clean and complex, it tells a story and demands attention. Doesn't taste as strong as it is.

Blanton's Original – 46.5%
Robust and complex. Chewy. Enough of a kick to feel badass, but still smooth enough to call sophisticated. This is the bourbon to give your girlfriend's father before you ask to marry her.

Middle Shelf: 
Good bourbon but not elite – to be savored

Rebel Yell – 40%
‘Singed’ smelling. Strong taste, but surprisingly drinkable. Not too complicated, but intentionally crafted. A “wheated" bourbon that gets quite sweet as the ice melts. Very similar to Maker's Mark but much cheaper.

Old Whiskey River – 43%
Solid, with flavor. Nothing special, but nobody complains and its gone before you realize.

Eagle Rare – 45%
Exceptionally smooth and clean-tasting. Surprisingly mild. Comes in a wine bottle which gives it a classy look.

Buffalo Trace – 45%
Strong, full, sweet nose. Oaky, and full bodied. Well mannered and friendly.

Corner Creek – 44%
Unique flavor. Good combination of growl and drinkability. Different.

Elijah Craig 12 year old – 47%
Like a veteran - not too flashy but gets the job done. Grows on you.

Henry McKenna Sour Mash – 40% (no longer sold in a jug)
Surprisingly smooth for a bourbon that comes in a jug. Not very strong. Almost earthen.

Knob Creek – 50%
Not the smoothest, but robust and strong with little aftertaste. No messing around - you know its bourbon. Ice is a must.

Jefferson’s – 44%
On the lighter side with nice flavor. Pretty bottle. Good bourbon but not exceptional.

Old Rip Van Winkle 10 year – 45% (no longer available)
Strong, dark and brooding. Not as well developed as the 107 proof.

Peter Jakes Private Keep – 45%
Unusual flavor – straightforward but intricate. Smoother than expected with a warm finish. A little water really opens it up.

Wild Turkey 101 – 50.5%
Robust and intense. Puts hair on your chest in a classy way. Impresses bartenders when ordered confidently.

Ridgemont Reserve 1792 – 46.8%
Bold, spicy, strong. Burnt oak. Intensity is better without water. You know it’s alcohol.

Rebel Reserve - 45%
Stronger than the Rebel Yell, with a nice mellow taste. Drinkable and light but not exactly smooth. Less Confederate-looking than its cheaper cousin.

Evan Williams Single Barrel 1998 - 43.3%
Rich. Not to be associated with Evan’s lower-tier offerings. This is serious bourbon that deserves respect, but does not wow.

Four Roses Small Batch (yellow bottle) – 45%
Smooth and tasty. A garden of flavor, but loses its novelty by the end of the bottle.

Elmer T Lee – 45%
Somewhat fruity taste that packs a punch. Very nice.

Makers Mark – 45%
Very light. A “wheated” bourbon. Once it touches ice it becomes so smooth you almost can’t taste it.

Willett Family Reserve –47%
Excellent bourbon in a beautiful bottle. Strong, but not overpowering. Almost feels like a shame to drink it. Makes a classy gift.

Rowan's Creek - 50%
A nice bourbon but not one that stands out.

Basil Hayden’s – 40%
Lightweight bourbon. Almost too smooth. A good introductory bottle. "Wheated.". Similar to Rebel Yell but more expensive.

Knob Creek Single Barrel 
Very strong. Nice caramel sweetness blended into the wallop. Lights a fire in the belly. Mellows nicely with ice.

– 46% Incredibly smooth. A slight toffee flavor. Can easily be enjoyed without ice. Good flask bourbon.

Drinkable bourbon but nothing fancy – a party bottle

Jim Beam – 40%
Has a slight sour taste. Does not necessarily need a mixer but it doesn't hurt. This is the lowest you should stoop.

Evan Williams Green Label – 40%, Evan Williams Black Label – 43%
The ultimate well bourbon. Acceptable, but don't bother unless it's all you can afford.

Fighting Cock – 51%
Not as tough as it sounds, but still – watch out for the claw. Not the greatest flavor.

Wild Turkey 80 – 40%
Not nearly as good flavor as the 101. Feels like they’re skimping you. Gets even worse as the ice melts.

Kentucky Vintage – 45%

Pure Kentucky XO – 53%

John B. Stetson 
Mild and inoffensive without a lot of character. Sour. Unremarkable. If this bourbon was somebody at a party you would not talk to them.

Old Grand Dad – 50%
Ugly bourbon without foreplay or remorse. Does the trick. Order this and the bartender will keep their eye on you all night. Fightin’ bourbon. Combine with ice or pay the price.

Old Forester – 42%

Old Grand Dad 114 – 57%
Just like the name: Mean, with a lot of fight left in it. Brutally strong. Do not drink alone.

Do Not Drink: 
Bourbons I did not like and would not buy again

Old Williamsburg – 50.5%
Light and smooth, but without much flavor.

Sam Houston – 45%
Light and smooth without a lot of fanfare.

Bulleit Frontier Whiskey – 45%
Sweet, little body but still strong.

Old Crow – 40%
Drinking this will make you hate yourself or others.

Jeremiah Weed Blended Bourbon Whiskey – 45% 

W L Weller Special Reserve 7 year old – 45%
The worst flavor I have encountered.

Cabin Still – 40%
Mix it, or else.

Special Awards Section:

Most Drinkable:
Wild Turkey Russell’s Reserve - 45%

Favorite Bar Bourbon:
Wild Turkey 101

Best Bang for the Buck:
Rebel Yell ($17)

Worst Bourbon Ever:
W L Weller Special Reserve 7 year old

Best Looking Bottle:
Blanton’s Original

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